My name is Sam and I started my own company called Sammy’s Sweets. I am a young man with autism who has a passion for baking! My dream is to become an integral part of my community by opening up my own shop and hiring employees with intellectual disabilities. My shop will welcome people of all abilities, promoting and celebrating a movement of change. Your support of Sammy’s Sweets is breaking down barriers and ultimately, CHANGING THE WORLD.

Meet Our Team

Sam Borchert
Sam BorchertHead Baker
Baker Sam graduated from Eden Prairie High School in 2014 and graduated from a transition program that we like to call Tassle University in June 2017. His favorite class is cooking/baking, of course. A few more of his favorite things include swimming, putting together (300-piece) puzzles, watching movies (Disney is preferred), and spending time at the cabin. “Sweet” not only describes his baked goods accurately, but also his overall being.
Cooper Borchert
Cooper BorchertBusiness Strategy & Delivery Man
Cooper graduated from Eden Prairie High School in 2016 and is currently pursuing a career in business at the Carlson School of Management. He keeps the baking team on their toes, as he’s not afraid to tell them when it’s short of perfection. Cooper also continues to drive the business forward with new ideas and innovations.
Sue Borchert
Sue BorchertHead Baker
Sue is an extraordinary human being. Not only is she an out-of-this-world mother to her three children (Sydney, Sam, and Cooper), but she also specializes in many other areas. Some titles that fit her include cook, baker, organizer, decorator, outdoor enthusiast, and activities director just to name a few. But above all is her passion for hanging out with those with intellectual disabilities. She is the driving force of the baking team, introducing new flavors, decorating ideas and much more!
Dona Watson
Dona WatsonVolunteer of the Century
Dona is one of the family’s closest friends. She gives hours of her time to Sammy’s Sweets, helping the team bake every recipe to perfection! Her own baking skills are superb and her specialties include carrot cake, pumpkin bars and sugar cookies.
Sydney Borchert
Sydney BorchertBusiness Strategy & Marketing
Sydney graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2016 with a degree in marketing. She currently works at Special Olympics Minnesota, allowing her to live out her passion of working with people with intellectual disabilities.